What an incredible day trip from Lugano. Here is something for everybody. Train for the kids, amazing views for nature lovers and the incredible Fiore di Pietra for architecture buffs.

The train:

40 minutes climb with the cog rail from Capolago-Riva S.Vitale station.  If you want a good seat i would recommend to be there 15 min.prior the departure as it tends to get crowded on the weekends.  If you are train enthusiast there are few times during the summer you can catch a ride with the original steam locomotive form 1890.

Fiore di Pietra:

This marvellous “Stone flower” is from swiss architect Mario Botta and its placed on the edge of the cliff bit bellow the peak itself . You can savour the views, hike up to the top (10 min.), have a lunch inside (i would recommend the easy going self-service restaurant) and than go back down by train or you can enjoy numerous hikes around.

the views:

there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the views of Lugano lake. If there is a good weather you can even spot Milan or Turin. Unfortunately for us, as is usual on the mountains, the weather changed rapidly and we couldn’t  see anything. We still could enjoy wandering around the italian sunny side of the mountain. Oh yeah, the mountain is the actual border between Switzerland and Italy.   There are few interesting hikes i would like to do in the future.  The bear cave,  the water holes, ice pits nevere or at least walk down 1 train stop to the Bellavista.

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