The plan was to go up to Sareisjoch with chairlift and go back down to Malbun walking. We liked it up there so much that we decided to hike to the nearest peak Augustenberg. Unfortunately the weather changed and we couldn’t see much and with sleeping baby in the carrier you don’t want to risk anything.  Even though we could do only like 70 percent of the hike I would recommend it. Its quite easy hike on the ridge of the mountain with incredible views.


After the hike we had hot chocolate in the restaurant near the chairlift (they have great playground for the children) and later we walked down the hill back to Malbun. This part would be possible to do it with a stroller. Its nice but not sure if its totally worth it. Specially if you are without kids and have bad knees. Nevertheless the views are nice.


Its worth mentioning  that we stayed  in Jufa Hotel Malbun Alpin Resort and we were very happy. Its new but minimalistic hotel, have great children playground just next to the restaurant so you can actually enjoy your dinner and see the little one playing.


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