In Lugano there are many great spots with incredible views. This view is one of the best.

Call this place a park is a bit of understatement. In reality is one huge botanical garden. Specially famous for its collection of azaleas and rhododendrons. Let me tell you that the number of different species of conifers is incredible too.

There are plenty of hiking opportunities but the most visited are 6 thematic paths. We did only 2 this time but I’m sure there will be plenty of time to do them all and not only once since this is the place we are going to visit regularly.


If you have children check out the playground. They have one of the best playgrounds in Lugano. Even with the play area for younger children that is not so usual around here.


Finish reading these lines and get up, take your kids and go to Parco San Grato for an afternoon. You will not regret it.


There is a restaurant in the park too. First I wanted to visit a really nice place in Carona but our son was too hungry to go back to the car and you know how toddlers are. So we went to Ristorante San Grato and it was great! Impeccable service and the food was divine. Did I mention the views? This is the place to bring your mother in law. Views to die for, waiter who can speak 5 languages and delicious meal.

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