This sunday my goal was to see and in the best scenario to touch the snow. My son’s goal was to ride a funicular. This trip exceeded both of our expectations.

Just 40 min. drive is Orselina,  where we took the cable car to Cardada. I have to say I was impressed by the stations and the structure itself, by the way it was co-designed by Mario Botta.


Up there you have few possibilities. Continue up with the chairlift to Cimetta, enjoy the view from a footbridge that ends with a platform suspended in mid-air, have lunch or have fun in the playground with the best views ever.  We did all of that.


I wasn’t sure if going up with a chairlift is the responsible thing to do with a two year old but …. We ended up to have a blast. He loved the ride, touched the snow, saw a snow groomer and we enjoyed the impressive views.


I can’t wait to come back in summer and do some hiking. As this place is full of footpaths.


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