If you’re already familiar with Valle Verzasca and Vallemaggia it’s time to go bit further and explore Valle Onsernone.


This time even the drive there was definitely part of the experience. We have a two year old cablecar enthusiast at home so i always try to find a ride for him. We departed from Vergeletto-Zott with this cute little thing


After a 7 min. drive you’re up next to the lovely Capanna Alpe Salei from 1783 where you can have lunch. (We sure did)



Before lunch, hike up to see a beautiful alpine lake . Its 40 min. walk uphill with amazing views over the Locarno region and Lago Maggiore. From the lake the trail continues but we stop our hike there and just relaxed and enjoy the nature. ( its not easy carry a wiggly 14 kilos toddler on your back)



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