Easy short hike to reach the waterfalls starts in the centre of Biasca. We couldn’t find a parking spot so we parted from the train station. It’s about 10 min. walk extra but as a plus you get to see where the waterfall ends, which is just behind the station.

The 20 min hike starts from the church of San Pietro e Paolo. You can choose from two paths: Via crucis or normal hiking path.  I would recommend what we did and that is leave the Via crucis for the way back.


There is a beautiful stone bridge close to the Oratory of Santa Petronilla.  On the upper part there are many puddles and bellow the bridge there is a small pool which must be great for a dip in the summer

We climbed down to see the pool but it’s not really suitable for small children.

What you cannot miss is the old aqueduct just short climb up from the wooden bench next to the bridge.

On the way back we’ve followed the beautiful Via Crucis.


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