I cannot believe it took us 2 years to visit this beautiful waterfall so CLOSE to Lugano!! This hike is an instant classic and next time we have visitors I’m taking them here.

We went to see the waterfall in the afternoon after a rainy morning and it was beautiful. The forest was so green, smelled like water and the roar of the waterfall was almost scary.


You can visit the waterfall from Rovio or Melano (2 villages). We started in Rovio and it’s only a 10-15 min. easy walk from here. It was too short for us so we walked to Melano to check out the trail.

My recommendation would be to do the hike from Melano. It’s longer, it takes approx. 40 min., but it’s nicer. The trail leads through magical forest full of trees you don’t see very often and loads of stones covered in moss.


We met a local lady and she told us that in summer it is possible to swim in the little pool below the waterfall.


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