First of all, this is NOT the name of any of the hikes that start from Lucomagno. The official name is SENTIERI NATURALISTICI DEL LUCOMAGNO. There are 7 of them of different length and points of interest. (I mention it because I have found various websites mentioning the cheese route of Lucomagno and was very confused when we couldn’t find any)

There are a lot of hikes you can do from Lucomagno pass. We have chosen from the sentieri naturalistici: numbers 3 and 2: Golene del Brenno (floodplains of river Brenno). We didn’t do it as a circular path but we started in Lucomagno and finished in Acquacalda where we took a bus to come back. In total easy 8 km.

As mentioned we left our car on the parking lot next to the restaurant in Lucomagno. From there we followed the path “Sentieri naturalistici”. The first part of the hike is just incredible. This upper part has a different feel to it than a typical Ticino hike. It’s very alpine, rocky and now in full bloom.

When we reached the first crossroad of the paths we took path number 2 and climbed down to the Brenno river.

Here you can find, visit and most importantly buy amazing alpine cheeses from l’Alpe Petrusio.

The rest of the hike the path more or less follows the road. We were there on a hot Sunday and the river banks were full of people running from the heat of the city and having a picnic or just enjoying the beautiful day in the mountains.

The very last stretch of this hike crosses the “Selvasecca” and you can admire the ancient pine trees.

In Acquacalda we had a lunch in Pro Natura centrum and catched a bus to it’s final stop Lucomagno pass. As my son told me numerous times this was his favourite part of the hike.


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