bolle di magadino

Nice easy long walk around Ticino river entirely doable on a balance bike if your little one complains about walking too much.

You can enter this protected area from few places. We parked close to the parco giochi in Magadino and walk 5 minutes to the entrance.

These beautiful paths lead you through the park. There are some information boards on the way explaining few facts about the fauna and flora of this unique enviroment.

There are “watch towers” on the way too so you can observe natural inhabitants without interfering.

If you are a birdwatcher this is a must. On the other hand if you were a birdwatcher you would have known about Golle di Magadino already.

Anyway if you have a little bit of interest in the nature and would like to see the place where river Ticino flows into Lago Maggiore this is place for you.



This circular hike was a really nice surprise for us. I didn’t find much information about this village beforehand nor did i know we could connect it with one of the Bellinzona’s castles.

We started in Bellinzona’s acquedotto comunale. From there we followed the red towards the forest. This first part of the hike is all uphill but it’s doable. The surroundings are changing and it’s only about 30 min. After this there is no more uphill. Promise

Soon enough you’re going to see a church through the trees . Could it be? Yes, it’s Prada village. My son had fun exploring the remaining parts of the houses. Check and you can help to preserve this medieval village.

After short rain shower we decided not to go back to the car but we continued following the red signs.

Until it led us downhill through forest and a village to Sasso Corbaro where we had picnic just outside the castle’s wall. Beautiful

Last stop of today Chiesa di Santa Maria della Nieve (nearby the acquedotto comunale)