Ballenberg is an open-air museum that displays traditional buildings and architecture from all over the country.  Didn’t sound that appealing to me at first but it’s basically this huge forest park with houses from different parts of Switzerland. If you have children and you’re in the area than is a must. They have a playground, loads of animals and variety of old crafts workshops




Blausee is a small lake in Kander valley and it is probably the most photogenic lake in Switzerland.  Its a nice place to spend the morning and you can have lunch in the restaurant just next to it.


Go check it out if you’re in the area but I wouldn’t travel too far to see it.  If you like these blue water and you’re in the mood for some trip further away there is only one place you wanna go:



One of the most recognisable waterfalls in Switzerland.

You have plenty of opportunities to snap the perfect picture. For example from the cable car that goes from Lauterbrunnen to Grütschalp (stay on the left side of the cabin). Or just take a walk around… Here you have it from all angles possible. There is as well a viewing platform but unfortunately in April it was still closed.


While walking around the river  Staubbach you can do some shopping.  Cheese from the vending machine? This can only happen in Switzerland. I love it.



Another day, another cable car…

We took a cable car from Grindelwald to the First Cliff walk. We wanted to hike to the lovely Bachalpsee but unfortunately the trail was closed. Next time…


We went up to the First anyway because we wanted to experience the scary First Cliff Walk by Tissot. The construction is pretty impressive and its worth visiting but let me tell you its not that scary. If you want scary, go to Hunan, China. Check it out on  Anyway, the views are incredible and you are in Switzerland, so you know, its safe.


Since we couldn’t go to Bachalpsee we hiked down from the middle station back to the Grindelwald. If you have older kids, you can hire scooters to go down. That looked like great fun.  We started in Burt where is the playground with the best view in the world. (btw. how cute is my boy with his hiking boots)


Its easy hike with gorgeous views over the green meadows with wooden houses and the mighty mountains behind it all. You feel like you’re in the “real” Switzerland