We spent such a beautiful and relaxing day in the Brissago Island. If you have children they will have fun on the boat and on the beach and if not you can drink as many prosecco as you want on the terrace of the restaurant. Don’t forget to stroll around because the whole island is a botanical garden. Find out about the history of the island and the mansion there. It’s pretty amazing.





Blausee is a small lake in Kander valley and it is probably the most photogenic lake in Switzerland.  Its a nice place to spend the morning and you can have lunch in the restaurant just next to it.


Go check it out if you’re in the area but I wouldn’t travel too far to see it.  If you like these blue water and you’re in the mood for some trip further away there is only one place you wanna go:



Bellagio – the pearl of Como. You know what? Not for me! Enjoy just simple walk in the tiny pretty streets of Bellagio….yeah yeah…ive done that. And its true, the streets are very pretty but since it got this pretty little nickname, the streets are full of souvenirs shops and oh so touristy restaurants. The town has the feel that no-one is really living there.  If you want to go to see it for yourself i would recommend not to go in the winter. Because the beauty of the place is stripped of its leaves and lush greenery around the lake. The boat trip was really fun thou. If you have children the short trip on the boat will make their day.



Grotto Teresa lies just across the lake from Gandria. You can hike here (Sentiero alle Cantine in the previous post) or you can come by boat.

Their web page is very nicely done in english and you can even make reservation online.


Cute detail of my name on our table i would say .

The menu has plenty options to choose from and they have an extensive wine cellar. I would definitely recommend Affettato misto.

Overall its a decent place to have lunch with beautiful views of Gandria. I have missed a children playground and little bit of the “special something”. This being said its a nice restaurant with excellent service.