This circular hike was a really nice surprise for us. I didn’t find much information about this village beforehand nor did i know we could connect it with one of the Bellinzona’s castles.

We started in Bellinzona’s acquedotto comunale. From there we followed the red towards the forest. This first part of the hike is all uphill but it’s doable. The surroundings are changing and it’s only about 30 min. After this there is no more uphill. Promise

Soon enough you’re going to see a church through the trees . Could it be? Yes, it’s Prada village. My son had fun exploring the remaining parts of the houses. Check and you can help to preserve this medieval village.

After short rain shower we decided not to go back to the car but we continued following the red signs.

Until it led us downhill through forest and a village to Sasso Corbaro where we had picnic just outside the castle’s wall. Beautiful

Last stop of today Chiesa di Santa Maria della Nieve (nearby the acquedotto comunale)


Today we went to see the old Craveggia baths. There are suppose to be 2 baths there. One with thermal water which has a constant temperature of 28 degrees all year long and the other one is filled with water from Isorno river. This information was enough for my 4 year old to get really excited. We started in Spruga (Onsernone valley). You have two options: 40 min. walk on the road (Spruga is the last village so there is no traffic) or hike through the forest around 1,5 /2 hrs. We came here to do some hiking, so deep green woods here we go.

I feel obliged to warn people with smaller children that this is NOT route for you. Some sections are really narrow and steep. I don’t want to sound dramatic but I was really stressed few times during the hike.

Anyway, the nature is really beautiful and the forest is just incredible. There are many streams and rivers to cross or jump over so that was fun.

With a few stops for snacks it took us 2 hours to arrive to the baths.

The bath house was built in 1820, recently there were some restorations done. There is a marble bath you can fill with the hot spring water but it takes forever.

The bath house stands on the italian side of Isorno river bank. We have decided to cross the river and walk back on the road. I’ve seen pictures of the baths in summer and winter but not in spring. That is why i was surprise to see that the river has quite significant stream and it wasn’t easy to find a safe and easy place to wade with a baby and 4 year old.

After lunch, sunbathing and 10 kg of stones thrown into the water by my son, it was time to head back to the car. Easy 40 min. slightly uphill walk on the road (this is a great option for visiting the baths with a stroller)

Dalpe – Piumogna

Last time we were in Dalpe (check my previous post we fell in love with this “Switzerland feel like” place. We came back to do some hike, any hike actually around the area. Little did we know we will discover more amazing places and guarantee we will come back for more.

From the parking lot in Dalpe you can see a huge waterfall in the distance, so we decided to go check it out. I was surprised to find out it was an upper part of the same Piumogna waterfall we visited countless time before. (check my previous posts)

can you spot the waterfall?

The sign said 20 min. to Piumogna waterfall and 45 to Piumogna. There is a Piumogna village? hmmm, this day is full of surprises. Off we go and all uphill of course.

After 10 min. you’ll find a turn towards the waterfall. From there it is only a short walk until you reach your destination.

After we had our fill we returned to the main path towards Piumogna.

After we left the woods, the path joined a dirt road and we followed the river Piumogna.

Soon we’ve reached a bridge and big parking lot in the entrance to Piumogna valley. This place is a starting point for other hikes. From there it takes only few minutes to arrive to Piumogna. The surroundings were so beautiful that we’ve decided to continue at least a little bit more.

As we continue walking we were getting closer to the mountains. There were still patches of snow on the grass. Naturally we had to touch the remaining snow. It was definitely a highlight for my four year old.

My son spotted a lot of holes in the ground. Unfortunately we have not seen any marmots.

Nor deer.

animal tracks

After lunch whole valley started to feel less wilderness-like, because suddenly it filled up with people. But anyway, still gorgeous.