This is a great easy hike for kids. On it’s way, there are a handful of stops with interesting details about nature, architecture or history of this region.


This trail is linear, about 6km long and you can do it from whichever direction you want. We started from Dalpe, which means almost all downhill.

At first the path crosses the greenest meadows, you can hear omnipresent cowbells ringing and it feel like you got lost in Heidi’s books.

Later you pass through Prato village with a beautiful San Giorgio church,

kiln and “roman” bridge,

or ruins of an old customhouse.


In the end we made a little detour (we followed the “strada romana” downhill until the end) to see the Piottino gorge.

From there just follow the main road to Rodi village and take a bus back to Dalpe.


One of the hikes from brochures you can get in tourist info centers. This particular one is in Malcantone area. It’s circular and has around 7 km. [Some site i’ve seen before the hike stated that the total time of this hike is about 2 hours, which be aware, specially with younger children, is NOT.  It took us almost double]

What I particularly like about this hike is that there are many points of interest on the way and my son couldn’t wait what else awaits us.

Specially “Miniere Baglioni e Franzi” impressed us.

Another stop we enjoyed was “Castello di Miglieglia”

There are couple of “serious” downhill uphill situations in the end of this circular hike so just be prepared for this. I can’t wait to come back in summer when you can enjoy more the rivers you cross, the grotto you pass and the longer days.


I can’t believe it took me 2 years to visit Monte Veritá. Beautiful Sunday trip 20 minutes from home. The hill above Ascona has really interesting history / It use to be Cooperative vegetarian colony, nudist colony and so much more/

Now a days there is a museum, park, Bauhaus style hotel and restaurant. Plenty to do and see


On the way back from the hill there is big new playground for the little ones.



Very easy trip from Lugano. After 45 min. we arrived to Faido, where you can park very close to the waterfall and next to the very lovely playground. Which was greatly appreciated after the car ride.

We are trying to encourage our 3 year old to walk with us all the way by himself /without our beloved Deuter carrier/ so we kept the hike sweet and short. In about 45 min. we climb up to the stone bridge  and back down through the forest. Its easy, fun and he did it without major complaining.

The best views of the waterfall are directly bellow it. There is a lovely picnic area with grills as well.

Definitely will be back in hot summer day and enjoy the pool bellow the waterfall and the cable car that leaves from the playground to Piana Selva, where is grotto with a swimming pool