lago tremorgio

The cablecars are finally open. This one starts in Rodi and whisks you up to lake Tremorgio just in 5 minutes.

Once up there you have several hiking options. Since this was our first time here we decided to start with an easy hike around the lake. Honestly I thought it will be bit boring just to do the circular walk but we had so much fun. As my son called it, it is a natural playground.

There was a lot of rock climbing, marmot’s holes searching, cows petting, water stream wading, snow touching,…..

We opted for the Upper circular route to get a bit of perspective but half way we joined the lower path.

Even though summer has officially started the weather up there is unpredictable. Just a friendly reminder to pack a jacket.

Just before the cable car station there is a Capanna Tremorgio with a nice view and good cook.


bolle di magadino

Nice easy long walk around Ticino river entirely doable on a balance bike if your little one complains about walking too much.

You can enter this protected area from few places. We parked close to the parco giochi in Magadino and walk 5 minutes to the entrance.

These beautiful paths lead you through the park. There are some information boards on the way explaining few facts about the fauna and flora of this unique enviroment.

There are “watch towers” on the way too so you can observe natural inhabitants without interfering.

If you are a birdwatcher this is a must. On the other hand if you were a birdwatcher you would have known about Golle di Magadino already.

Anyway if you have a little bit of interest in the nature and would like to see the place where river Ticino flows into Lago Maggiore this is place for you.


Best view of Locarno region? No doubt. Best hike? Not for me.


We started this hike in Viona. There is a small parking lot close by. From there the sign says 1 hour up to the Capanna di Lego. It took us 1,5 hours. Keep in mind that we have a baby in the carrier and 4 year old that needs to make snack stops every 15 minutes.

The trail leads through the forest. Sometimes you get a promise of the view that awaits you on the top. I have to mentioned that the path climbs uphill all the time.  There aren’t any parts you can rest or run around a bit. Keep this in mind if you’re hiking with younger kids.


There is one cool stop on the way. My son loved the “mystery” rock we have found. We tried to come up with as much theories as possible why there are crosses on the rock and who carved them. Anything to keep his mind from the constant ascent.


The views on the top are gorgeous. From one side you can admire the Lago Maggiore, from the other side Verzasca valley.

There is a grotto, few houses, little lake and chapel up there too.

In overall this is a totally doable hike with kids with views as a reward in the end. I personally prefer more variety kind of hike. Not only climb up the hill and climb back down the same way.


Nice, easy Sunday stroll around Monte Caslano.


Would I recommend to do it with a stroller? No way. Technically you can do a big chunk of it but you walk on the road with quite a lot of traffic.

The part around Caslano village is really picturesque.  Beautiful lake with old secession buildings around,..

then the trail goes uphill with stairs and you cannot go on with the stroller


so, we turn around a did the pretty part again and continue counter clockwise the circular hike.  The part that starts behind Caslano goes on the road where is traffic and almost never a sidewalk.  So i would recommend to  walk around Caslano village, have an ice cream, play a bit in parco giochi next to the church a leave the walk when your kids can walk by themselves.