Today we went to see the old Craveggia baths. There are suppose to be 2 baths there. One with thermal water which has a constant temperature of 28 degrees all year long and the other one is filled with water from Isorno river. This information was enough for my 4 year old to get really excited. We started in Spruga (Onsernone valley). You have two options: 40 min. walk on the road (Spruga is the last village so there is no traffic) or hike through the forest around 1,5 /2 hrs. We came here to do some hiking, so deep green woods here we go.

I feel obliged to warn people with smaller children that this is NOT route for you. Some sections are really narrow and steep. I don’t want to sound dramatic but I was really stressed few times during the hike.

Anyway, the nature is really beautiful and the forest is just incredible. There are many streams and rivers to cross or jump over so that was fun.

With a few stops for snacks it took us 2 hours to arrive to the baths.

The bath house was built in 1820, recently there were some restorations done. There is a marble bath you can fill with the hot spring water but it takes forever.

The bath house stands on the italian side of Isorno river bank. We have decided to cross the river and walk back on the road. I’ve seen pictures of the baths in summer and winter but not in spring. That is why i was surprise to see that the river has quite significant stream and it wasn’t easy to find a safe and easy place to wade with a baby and 4 year old.

After lunch, sunbathing and 10 kg of stones thrown into the water by my son, it was time to head back to the car. Easy 40 min. slightly uphill walk on the road (this is a great option for visiting the baths with a stroller)