I can’t believe it took me 2 years to visit Monte Veritá. Beautiful Sunday trip 20 minutes from home. The hill above Ascona has really interesting history / It use to be Cooperative vegetarian colony, nudist colony and so much more/

Now a days there is a museum, park, Bauhaus style hotel and restaurant. Plenty to do and see


On the way back from the hill there is big new playground for the little ones.



In our hunt for new cablecars we discovered Monte Comino in Centovalli. The cute funicular leaves from Verdasio and it takes 6 min. to whisk you up the mountain.


Right next to the upper station there is a great playground.

We did not anticipate how much time we would spend there, so unfortunately we could not do much hiking. We took a lovely 30 min. walk to the church of Madonna della Segna.

I recommend restaurant Alla Capanna with a killer outdoor terrace only 10 min. walk from the cablecar



Surprise, surprise! Yet another cablecar. This impressive green cable car can carry 120 people and let me tell you the views during the 15 min. ride are just incredible.

I was a little bit surprised by the “industrial” feel of the Robiei station after such a panoramic ride


In the future we would love to do the 5 hour hike toward Basodino glacier but with 2 year old its a bit unrealistic.


We hiked to the lake Zott / which is the starting point of the Glaciar hike/ and enjoyed the unique landscape

P.S. check the schedule of the cable car, it only goes once per hour! And hurry up, the cable car closes in the beginning of October!!

P.P.S. you can have lunch in the Robiei restaurant with a playground next to it.