Dalpe – Piumogna

Last time we were in Dalpe (check my previous post https://inlugano.com/2020/05/27/percorso-del-monte-piottino/) we fell in love with this “Switzerland feel like” place. We came back to do some hike, any hike actually around the area. Little did we know we will discover more amazing places and guarantee we will come back for more.

From the parking lot in Dalpe you can see a huge waterfall in the distance, so we decided to go check it out. I was surprised to find out it was an upper part of the same Piumogna waterfall we visited countless time before. (check my previous posts)

can you spot the waterfall?

The sign said 20 min. to Piumogna waterfall and 45 to Piumogna. There is a Piumogna village? hmmm, this day is full of surprises. Off we go and all uphill of course.

After 10 min. you’ll find a turn towards the waterfall. From there it is only a short walk until you reach your destination.

After we had our fill we returned to the main path towards Piumogna.

After we left the woods, the path joined a dirt road and we followed the river Piumogna.

Soon we’ve reached a bridge and big parking lot in the entrance to Piumogna valley. This place is a starting point for other hikes. From there it takes only few minutes to arrive to Piumogna. The surroundings were so beautiful that we’ve decided to continue at least a little bit more.

As we continue walking we were getting closer to the mountains. There were still patches of snow on the grass. Naturally we had to touch the remaining snow. It was definitely a highlight for my four year old.

My son spotted a lot of holes in the ground. Unfortunately we have not seen any marmots.

Nor deer.

animal tracks

After lunch whole valley started to feel less wilderness-like, because suddenly it filled up with people. But anyway, still gorgeous.


This is a great easy hike for kids. On it’s way, there are a handful of stops with interesting details about nature, architecture or history of this region.


This trail is linear, about 6km long and you can do it from whichever direction you want. We started from Dalpe, which means almost all downhill.

At first the path crosses the greenest meadows, you can hear omnipresent cowbells ringing and it feel like you got lost in Heidi’s books.

Later you pass through Prato village with a beautiful San Giorgio church,

kiln and “roman” bridge,

or ruins of an old customhouse.


In the end we made a little detour (we followed the “strada romana” downhill until the end) to see the Piottino gorge.

From there just follow the main road to Rodi village and take a bus back to Dalpe.


For my husband this is the best thing ever being able to do hiking directly from our house. Today’s hike: circular trip Cureglia – San Zeno – Origlio – Cureglia approx. 7km. As always we did it with baby in the carrier and 4 year old on foot. So if a 4 year old can do it so can you.

From Cureglia we followed http://www.scollinando.ch signs towards Cadempino. It’s kind of a hidden downhill trail in the woods next to the canyon i didn’t even know was there.

Then you stroll through Cadempino village (the route goes nowhere close to the main road).

and Lamone.

Until now super easy-peasy hike. Now start the more tiring part. Hike up the hill. The climb starts next to the vineyards and then goes through the woods.

This part is quite short. Soon you’ll be rewarded with some amazing views. But not to forget just before the top there is a small cave. You can go in and see what’s in the end.

San Zeno oratory

After some snacks we headed back home. This time through Origlio. Just follow the red signs down the hill.

The last stretch Origlio – Cureglia


One of the hikes from brochures you can get in tourist info centers. This particular one is in Malcantone area. It’s circular and has around 7 km. [Some site i’ve seen before the hike stated that the total time of this hike is about 2 hours, which be aware, specially with younger children, is NOT.¬† It took us almost double]

What I particularly like about this hike is that there are many points of interest on the way and my son couldn’t wait what else awaits us.

Specially “Miniere Baglioni e Franzi” impressed us.

Another stop we enjoyed was “Castello di Miglieglia”

There are couple of “serious” downhill uphill situations in the end of this circular hike so just be prepared for this. I can’t wait to come back in summer when you can enjoy more the rivers you cross, the grotto you pass and the longer days.