Discover an interesting peace of history of rural Ticino. The Hunger towers were built not only as part of defensive line agains the Austrians but the building them itself gave work to a lot of poor local people for a long time. Therefore the name: Fortini della fame.


The circular trail is about 4 km long and you can see 5 remaining towers. We coudn’t do all the hike because of the pram, but even with a stroller we saw 3 towers. [Half of the trail is on the road and the other part leads through the woods]


As you can imagine the towers are on top of the hills, but no worries even my 4 year old climbed up there himself. The surroundings are beautiful. The vineyards, the views and this time of the year the blooming cherries are just magnificent.


As I’ve mentioned before we didn’t see the towers num. 4 and 5 because of the stroller. But we will be back when E. is bit bigger with the carrier.




Perfect place to go biking with your smaller children. Safe, newly reconstructed beautiful old railway path [Lugano-Tesserete 1909-1967] with a lot of wooden railing bridges. If you go in direction Tesserete – Canobbio the path is slightly downhill. Which is great for small riders. On the way back i had to carry the balance bike thou…. This cycleway is 3.2 km long.


One of the most beautiful views of Lugano waits for you up the hills of Comano.  The Via Crucis ,on the path that leads up from Comano to San Bernardo Hermitage, is a collaboration between architect Camponovo and sculptor Nag Arnodi.   The 14 bronze plates are simply stunning.

Its obvious but i have to mention it, specially if you are pushing a stroller, its a really steep hill. I have to admit there were moments I wish Jesus would be finally crucified.

The reward is worth the trouble. The views are just incredible.



Nice, easy Sunday stroll around Monte Caslano.


Would I recommend to do it with a stroller? No way. Technically you can do a big chunk of it but you walk on the road with quite a lot of traffic.

The part around Caslano village is really picturesque.  Beautiful lake with old secession buildings around,..

then the trail goes uphill with stairs and you cannot go on with the stroller


so, we turn around a did the pretty part again and continue counter clockwise the circular hike.  The part that starts behind Caslano goes on the road where is traffic and almost never a sidewalk.  So i would recommend to  walk around Caslano village, have an ice cream, play a bit in parco giochi next to the church a leave the walk when your kids can walk by themselves.