Dalpe – Piumogna

Last time we were in Dalpe (check my previous post https://inlugano.com/2020/05/27/percorso-del-monte-piottino/) we fell in love with this “Switzerland feel like” place. We came back to do some hike, any hike actually around the area. Little did we know we will discover more amazing places and guarantee we will come back for more.

From the parking lot in Dalpe you can see a huge waterfall in the distance, so we decided to go check it out. I was surprised to find out it was an upper part of the same Piumogna waterfall we visited countless time before. (check my previous posts)

can you spot the waterfall?

The sign said 20 min. to Piumogna waterfall and 45 to Piumogna. There is a Piumogna village? hmmm, this day is full of surprises. Off we go and all uphill of course.

After 10 min. you’ll find a turn towards the waterfall. From there it is only a short walk until you reach your destination.

After we had our fill we returned to the main path towards Piumogna.

After we left the woods, the path joined a dirt road and we followed the river Piumogna.

Soon we’ve reached a bridge and big parking lot in the entrance to Piumogna valley. This place is a starting point for other hikes. From there it takes only few minutes to arrive to Piumogna. The surroundings were so beautiful that we’ve decided to continue at least a little bit more.

As we continue walking we were getting closer to the mountains. There were still patches of snow on the grass. Naturally we had to touch the remaining snow. It was definitely a highlight for my four year old.

My son spotted a lot of holes in the ground. Unfortunately we have not seen any marmots.

Nor deer.

animal tracks

After lunch whole valley started to feel less wilderness-like, because suddenly it filled up with people. But anyway, still gorgeous.


I cannot believe it took us 2 years to visit this beautiful waterfall so CLOSE to Lugano!! This hike is an instant classic and next time we have visitors I’m taking them here.

We went to see the waterfall in the afternoon after a rainy morning and it was beautiful. The forest was so green, smelled like water and the roar of the waterfall was almost scary.


You can visit the waterfall from Rovio or Melano (2 villages). We started in Rovio and it’s only a 10-15 min. easy walk from here. It was too short for us so we walked to Melano to check out the trail.

My recommendation would be to do the hike from Melano. It’s longer, it takes approx. 40 min., but it’s nicer. The trail leads through magical forest full of trees you don’t see very often and loads of stones covered in moss.


We met a local lady and she told us that in summer it is possible to swim in the little pool below the waterfall.


Easy short hike to reach the waterfalls starts in the centre of Biasca. We couldn’t find a parking spot so we parted from the train station. It’s about 10 min. walk extra but as a plus you get to see where the waterfall ends, which is just behind the station.

The 20 min hike starts from the church of San Pietro e Paolo. You can choose from two paths: Via crucis or normal hiking path.  I would recommend what we did and that is leave the Via crucis for the way back.


There is a beautiful stone bridge close to the Oratory of Santa Petronilla.  On the upper part there are many puddles and bellow the bridge there is a small pool which must be great for a dip in the summer

We climbed down to see the pool but it’s not really suitable for small children.

What you cannot miss is the old aqueduct just short climb up from the wooden bench next to the bridge.

On the way back we’ve followed the beautiful Via Crucis.



Very easy trip from Lugano. After 45 min. we arrived to Faido, where you can park very close to the waterfall and next to the very lovely playground. Which was greatly appreciated after the car ride.

We are trying to encourage our 3 year old to walk with us all the way by himself /without our beloved Deuter carrier/ so we kept the hike sweet and short. In about 45 min. we climb up to the stone bridge  and back down through the forest. Its easy, fun and he did it without major complaining.

The best views of the waterfall are directly bellow it. There is a lovely picnic area with grills as well.

Definitely will be back in hot summer day and enjoy the pool bellow the waterfall and the cable car that leaves from the playground to Piana Selva, where is grotto with a swimming pool