This is a perfect Sunday plan. In the morning hiking still in the shade,  good lunch (i know just the place) and lazy afternoon sunbathing on the river shore.


The park trail is one big loop with lot of branches so that means you can walk as much as you want and always find an easy turn to come back to your starting point.

There are not only few interesting points on the way, bridges, mills, old concrete factory, church and castle, but all this area represents important geological site.


I enjoyed the old concrete factory


After all this walking in a hot day just in our starting point in Mulino del Ghitello there is a beautiful restaurant Ristorante al Ghitello with local wine list and products of Ticino.






This is a great half day trip.  We took the boat but car or bus can get you there too. 45 min  boat trip is worth thou.


This village is really beautiful and unique just fair warning: you HAVE TO climb a lot of stairs to get anywhere.  My advise is: take a carrier for your child.


400 steps will lead you to the church SANTA MARIA DEL TASSO. The views from there are breathtaking. And the church and the chapel are worth to see too. There is a famous terrace cemetery next to it


How picturesque are the narrow streets of Morcote.


We want to come back (without the stroller) and investigate more. Little hike to the castle (even thou its private and you cannot enter) or climb  to the San Salvatore monte ( or even better ascend from San Salvatore to Morcote).

I would recommend this trip a lot. Just keep in mind its a touristy place.