Lugano is famous for its beautiful view of the lake. But have you ever seen Lugano from the other side of the lake?  Hike Sentiero alle Cantine is the perfect place to do so.


Normally I’m not a big fan of hikes that are NOT circular. I get bit bored and tired. But this one is really fun to walk both ways.  Sometimes  you have to climb up to enjoy the view and see the rivers of stones dramatically heading to the lake and sometimes you leisurely stroll next to the water.

We started and parked our car next to the Grotto San Rocco in Caprino and walk to the Grotto Teresa and back. One way takes you around an hour, hour and half. Depends if your toddler prefers the carrier or wants to walk too.

The turning point of this hike was Grotto Teresa. More about the Grotto in the next post.IMG_8571



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