Sentierone of the Verzasca valley is 27,4km long and in my case it goes without saying that we didn’t finish it. This hike is really easy to do it in parts because there are plenty of bus stops on the way. Just walk as much as you can or want and the bus takes you back to your car.


Even though this hike is very popular in Ticino and we were here on summer Sunday i didn’t feel overwhelmed by the crowd. I mean on the path itself.

The number of people around the river bank is a different story.  In Italy Verzasca valley is known as “Le Maldive Ticinesi” ( if you know China or if you’re curious please read the post scriptum after the post). That means that hundreds of Italians come spend hot days in the emerald coloured water of Verzasca river.  The most famous place is the Ponte dei Salti in Lavertezzo.

Please compare the pictures from 9 a.m.

to these ones from 3 p.m

I can’t blame them. Its gorgeous there. The water is cold thou…


We did only small part of the hike this time. From Oviga di Fuori to Motta, where we had a simple delicious homemade meal in local Osteria while waiting for our bus back.

The Sentierone is easy, beautiful and interesting walk around the river. You even cross few waterfalls. I think its a perfect place to visit with your out of town friends or family.

This was not the last time we were here. I can’t wait  to explore other parts of Verzasca Valley.

P.s. To call this Maldives is just lazy.  I think much more appropriate and accurate would be to call this the ” Jiuzhaigou ticinesi” doesn’t sound so catchy but look at the evidence of my words. By the way if you’re ever go visit China you want to see this! For more information please check my former blog: 



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