FORTINI DELLA FAME /second expedition

My son loved the Hunger towers hike and was very disappointed that we couldn’t see all 5 towers the other day [ because with stroller you can only visit 3]

So we had to come back [ with a baby carrier] and finished it.  This time we drove up the hill to the tower num. 3 [where we finished last time], we left the car there and started with tower number 5 and made a circular trail through tower num. 4 and back to the car.


The trail leads uphill through the forest.


Between tower num. 5 and 4 the trail crosses the main road and leads back to the forest where the “greatest surprise” according to my 4 year old was waiting for us

The Sentiero didattico shares a bit with another trail “Via dell’ acqua”. You can find out more here:

These two trails “share ” tower number 4.

From there it was only a short walk back to the car.

For more info please check:



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