I’ve stumbled upon = fortificazioni ticinesi and decided to check that out.  I’m not particularly interested in military fortifications but why not. I have a 4 year old who thankfully has no idea what war means but when he heard the word BUNKER he was unstoppable.



We’ve chosen to do only part of the hike: Gola di lago –  Cima di lago [1 and 2] and back. It was around 6km. We parted from the parking lot in Gola di Lago and went up following the signs of ForTi and Cima di Lago. The path leads through birch forest and meadows.


First we went to see Cima di Lago 1 where is a huge bunker. How disappointed was my son to find out that we cannot go inside.

On top there is a monument dedicated to the frontier brigade.

From there we could spot another bunker in Cima di lago 2 and there we went. We have found few entrances.


We finished climbing to the top

After Mateo greeted the world we could go back home


The whole trip took us aprox. 4 hours. With a lot of stops to check out little streams, the bunkers, and rocks and 1 hour picnic break.



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